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Maxi-Therm offers a wide range of different steam water heaters based on your requirements, design and application.

Our most popular and affordable steam water heaters is the VFFF (Vertical Flooding Feed Forward) model. This system is an instantaneous steam water heater which allows you to go from 0 to the max. Additionally, the VFFF will only have differential of +-4F.

Our VFFF model is perfect for CIP’s in the food industry, for emergency showers, laboratory processes, any critical process control, domestic hot water for hospitals, schools and buildings.

We have the option to use several different building materials for the instantaneous steam water heater.

It can be completely made from stainless steel, a carbon steel shell for steam only pipes. The domestic hot water side is made from a 90/10 Cu/Ni pipes. Depending on your local regulation, we also have the option to build your pipes in a single wall or double wall design.

The feed forward steam water heater can come with a self-contained mechanical blending valve, allowing for an easy to install system, as it does not require electric or pneumatic equipment. We also offer an option to add an electronic control valve which comes included with a control panel. This system is compatible with BacNet and/or ModBus communications.

Based on your requirements, the VFFF Steam Water Heater can have a range of 5 psig to 40 psig. Depending on your condensate backpressure, we do not need to modulate the steam used, since we keep the steam pressure inside of the heat exchanger. Our system also does not require a dedicated condensate pump.

In order to save cost and energy, you may want to consider our higher steam pressure system with our MCU model. They are a semi-instantaneous steam water heater. This system will require a buffer tank or 15% water recirculation at all times.

For new building projects, requiring a building heat and re-heat system, we recommend our Side-Arm series. This system combines water to water heater, a steam to hot water shell and tube heat exchangers. This system is easy to install with a small footprint. This gives you the additional benefit for low maintenance costs.

All our steam water heaters come in a vertical flood design, allowing you to generate 5% energy savings or more over other steam water heater designs. The difference is by allowing us to extract latent as well as sensible heat for every pound of steam.

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Product MCU (Modulating Condensate with a U-tube design heat exchanger).

Product VFFF (Vertical Flooded Feed Forward steam water heater)



MCU Simplex – Feedback

Feedback is controlling liquid set point with an electronic control valve on the condensate side. Only one skidded steam heat exchanger, condensate control valve, safety shut off valve and start-up valve, with control panel.



MCU Duplex or Triplex – Feedback

Two or three heat exchangers installed in parallel, skidded on one structural base with each heat exchanger c/w condensate control valve, safety shut off valve, start-up valve and individual control panel.



MCU Duplex – Zerolag – Feedback

Must have two heat exchangers at 100% of required capacity installed in series so that both heat exchangers are always fully or partially redundant, and no lead lag operation is required.

Zerolag steam heat exchanger



VFFF – Feed Forward Instantaneous

Vertical double wall flooded heat exchanger with a three-way non-electric blending valve.



VFFF D – Electronical Feed Forward Instantaneous

Vertical double wall flooded heat exchanger with an electronic three-way control valve and BACnet control panel.

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