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Since 2002, our ground-breaking technology allows us to flood the steam heat exchanger and stabilize the liquid outlet temperature. We proudly manufacture high-efficiency steam-to-liquid vertical flooded units for building heat and domestic use, transferring both steam’s latent and sensible heat in a 0% flash return system, even at very high steam pressure, and taking into account super-heated steam. Plus, we offer a steam motor to generate electrical power.

The objectives

  • NO steam-pressure-reducing station and NO steam safety to roof

  • NO condensate return substation, NO flash tank, since condensate is subcooled to 200°F or less, 0% flash return

  • Energy savings of between 5% and 8%

  • NO dedicated condensate pump station and no flash tank

  • Easy installation with very low footprint and low main power maintenance

  • Up to 6 times less corrosive on condensate piping

  • 20% reduction in initial total mechanical installation costs

  • Space saving of up to 40%

  • Stability of set point temperature ± 2°F

Our Steam Technology has all the answers

Below we point out some important reasons in favour of steam heating systems and why using steam makes solid sense.



Have you ever noticed how quickly we fix water leaks from a heating loop compared to a leak in a steam line? If you don’t fix your water leak, you will likely end up with a major mess in your mechanical room. If a natural gas leak occurs, the repair will be considered an emergency, no matter the cost. However, the same steam leak can be present for years before it requires special attention.


The Maxi-Therm advantage

By avoiding pressure-reducing stations, condensate pump stations, big control valve stations on the steam side and the need for steam safety valves to the roof, we can cut the typical maintenance budget of a conventional steam system by more than 75%.


Fuel back-up

Dual fuel burners are typically used in case of a natural gas shortage. However, assuming you don’t need dual fuel, is it a good idea to rely on natural gas for the next 15 years? If one day it makes more sense to use another fuel by having a central plant, you will be able to change the burner or boiler and keep the same steam network system for building heat, domestic hot water and steam to steam.


District central steam heating system

If you’re considering buying steam energy for building heat from a district central steam heating plant or other source, you should take a look at our systems that integrate a steam motor to generate electrical power and add a steam chiller to produce more electrical power in the summer.

Our products - Vertical Flooded Steam Heat Exchangers



Building Heat & Process

  1. 1.01

    MCU Simplex

  2. 1.02

    MCU Duplex or Triplex

  3. 1.03

    MCU Duplex – Zerolag

  4. 1.04

    MCU – Side Arm

  5. 1.05

    MCU-UP – The Ultimate 5 Package



Domestic Hot Water & Process

  1. 2.01

    MCU Simplex – Feedback

  2. 2.02

    MCU Duplex or Triplex – Feedback

  3. 2.03

    MCU Duplex – Zerolag – Feedback

  4. 2.04

    VFFF – Feed Forward Instantaneous

  5. 2.05

    VFFF D – Electronical Feed Forward Instantaneous



Steam to Steam Generation

  1. 3.01

    CSU – Base Unit

  2. 3.02

    SQC - Steam Quality Controller




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