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steamification is the alternative

We would like to remind people that “Steamification is the  alternative” 

and here is why:

  • You can generate steam from multiple green source fuels such as biomass, biogas, solar, nuclear and waste to energy.
  • Steam is easy to transport WITHOUT a pump. Up to 10,000 feet per minute.
  • Steam is safe and reliable. When you have a steam leak, it’s never an emergency.
  • Steam is visible, non-flammable, non-toxic and isn't a shock hazard.
  • Steam can be used for heating and cooling with 100+ years of proven technologies.
  • Steam turbines can generate electric power and even run a pump or a fan.
  • Steam has very low transmission loss compared to electricity.
  • One pound of steam contains more than 1000 Btu. How much for the same pound of water?
  • Steam only needs a small pump, 9 times smaller than for a hot water loop.
  • Steam is as efficient as condensing hot water boilers.
  • Low condensate temperature allows for non-metallic (PEX) piping.
  • Considering carbon capture becomes easier in a central steam plant, especially if combined in a cogeneration system that distributes steam for heating and cooling.
  • Steam is a utility much like electricity.
  • Steam offers electric grid relief.

Maxi-Therm Vertical Flooded Steam Heat Exchanger Design: generating energy savings, reducing maintenance costs and more.

Understanding the Benefits of a 100% Steam & Condensate Close Loop Distribution System: achieving a 95% efficient steam boiler room.

A Maxi-Therm Presentation of the Vertical Flooded Steam Heat Exchanger and Steam Package Solutions.

Primary Hot Water Hydronic Loop vs Steam Energy  Loop: pumping requirements for hot water are 9x higher than using steam.

Steam is our passion at Maxi-Therm, ever since 2004 and we believe that "Steamification is the alternative". Our steam package solutions provide reliability, security and efficiency which will positively impact your source energy, maintenance, footprint and installation costs. Our components derive from both the United States and Canada. If you would like to know more, please send me an email. I can provide RFPs, technical information, and explanations.  We are quick to provide quotes and have an elaborate list of referrals if required.

Patrick Lach

co-owner & VICE-PRESIDENT OF sales AND business development


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