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Maxi-Therm's Private Steam Training

specially curated for Vicinity Energy 

From May 10 to 12, 2023

We are excited and honored to host Vicinity Energy team members to collaborate, learn and better understand how steam energy is vital in District Energy. During this 1-day Steam Training we will transmit technical knowledge and share our passion for steam.


  • Wednesday afternoon: arrival. Lovely supper planned at a quaint family-owned French restaurant.  
  • Thursday morning: Training begins in Maxi-Therm's lab. Steam basics, introduction to the flooded steam heat exchanger and the Maxi-Therm patents and designs will be reviewed.
  • Thursday afternoon: How to promote steam energy and an overview of Maxi-Therm's different steam solutions.
  • Thursday supper: Visit Old Montreal to understand the city's history and to continue getting to know each other!
  • Friday morning: departure
Steam training