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private Steam Training

sponsored by: 

Lawrence Lowy Associates 

We are excited to host the Lawrence Lowy group either  October 11-12th or November 8-9th, 2023 (registration options down below). Learn how steam energy is vital in New York City for decarbonization.  

During this 1-day Steam Training we will convey technical knowledge and share our passion for steam.


  • Wednesday afternoon: arrival by 4pm. Enjoy Montreal's culinary scene with a lovely European-styled supper.   
  • Thursday morning: Training begins in Maxi-Therm's R&D lab. Topics covered will be specially curated for your group and will include; steam principals, the flooded steam heat exchanger, Maxi-Therm's various patents and designs.
  • Thursday afternoon: How to promote steam energy and an overview of Maxi-Therm's different steam solutions.
  • Thursday evening: departure after 4pm
Steam training

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Following your registration, an email will be sent confirming your attendance and providing you with instructions on how to arrange your trip to Montreal and what you can except while here. 

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