Maxi-Therm Receives Patent for a New Heat Exchange System

MONTREAL, CANADA, June 8, 2021 / — Maxi-Therm, which manufactures high-efficiency steam-to-liquid heating systems, is proud to announce it has been awarded its 4th patent, for its Duplex Zerolag design heat exchange system.

As Gabriel Cossette, Maxi-Therm’s lead Engineer and VP of Operations explains, a conventional thermal cycling heating system uses two parallel units that alternate on and off. This turns steam off, which causes lag time and delays, wear and tear on parts, stress on the system, and inevitably, leaks. This increases the maintenance required on the systems and reduces its overall energy efficiency.

The Duplex Zerolag system received the patent, in part, because flooding the heat exchanger delivers a high turndown ratio. Steam is always ON in both units which means no lag time, and they operate in “series” instead of in “parallel”. This results in optimal performance, better temperature control, no thermal cycling and therefore no stress on the system.

Similar to Maxi-Therm’s 1st patent awarded for the flooding design using high pressure steam, the Duplex Zerolag system delivers energy savings of 5-8%, resulting in a carbon footprint reduction. Additionally, installing the Duplex Zerolag system costs approximately 20% less than any other heat transfer systems. The potential for energy savings is relevant today, partly due to environmental concerns, but also because the price of energy is expected to rise in the near future.

“Innovation never stops at Maxi-Therm,” states Patrick Lach, VP of Sales and Business Development. “Our Brainstorming Team meets regularly to continuously improve and innovate in the industry. Globally, all Maxi-Therm’s systems will save you money and energy, but the Zerolag patent will provide optimal reliability and the utmost peace of mind. No system lag and an instantaneous switchover!”

Maxi-Therm previously received the ASHRAE Technology Award for its efficient steam-to-water heat exchanger technology that optimizes the net output energy produced by steam, as opposed to conventional shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Since 2005, Maxi-Therm has installed more than 600 steam-to-liquid packaged solution units and has integrated a BACnet IP control panel that the company can service via ethernet/internet, IoT ready. Maxi-Therm’s systems are used in universities, hospitals, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical facilities, nuclear power plants, and much more.

Maxi-Therm invites clients to its Montreal office and R&D laboratory for an exclusive seminar on steam applications and, more specifically, on Maxi-Therm concepts for building heat, domestic water, process heating and steam-to-steam generation for humidification and sterilization. Participants become experts on steam applications and learn how to reduce installation and maintenance costs, the footprint in mechanical rooms and how to generate energy savings, all this using new and innovative steam concepts.

About Maxi-Therm
Maxi-Therm was founded in 2005 and is today a joint Canadian and American-owned company with 21 exclusive distributors in the United States. All major components, including vertical flooded heat exchangers, control valves, pumps and accessories, are manufactured in the United States. Maxi-Therm proudly manufactures high-efficiency, steam-to-liquid vertical flooded units for building heat and domestic use, transferring both steam’s latent and sensible heat in a 0 percent flash return system in a closed loop innovative design, even at high pressure steam such as 175 psig and taking into account super-heated steam. To learn more about Maxi-Therm and its products, visit Follow the company on LinkedIn for educational content, news on webinars, current projects, and dates for exclusive seminars held in Montreal.