Introducing the FIRST EVER

Maxi-Therm contest: 

12 in 12 BBQ contest

Sell a total of 12 of these products; VFFF’s and/or EBV’s and/or PFFF’s (Sidearm) and/or a low pressure steam MCU, within a 12-month period and win yourself a pellet smoker complete with everything you need in order to be the “BBQ KING” in your neighborhood and among your family and friends. Picture it now, with an ice-cold beer of course!


Cognitive Market Research


- Every year, universities have a maintenance budget allotted for water heater replacements.

- Food industries have substantial CIP water heater needs.

- Hospitals often have retrofit needs.

- We want to be involved in bid specs for master mixing valves, water to water heater skid packages, and low-pressure steam application!

- We commonly have orders of 4 or more VFFFs for a single retrofit project. Think of the opportunities here!

Taking the time to meet with facility managers can be very lucrative and a great step to building a relationships with them. Once they experience Maxi-Therm products and systems, we have the opportunity to become their "go-to" or new standard. This has been the case at the University of New Hampshire, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Central Washington University, PepsiCo, and others.

* You may need an EBV Station to act as a master mixing valve, depending on the local regulations. Imagine, 2 sales in one!!!

** Does your customer need a plate & frame skid? No problem! Better yet, use the EBV station to run your own plate & frame unit!

Click here for the VFFF-D brochure and here for the EBV brochure.


Should you sell 12 units in 12 months, prepare to be gifted the following:

  • Traeger Grill- PRO series 575. Wood pellet grill & smoker with wifi and App-enabled.
  • Front folding shelf and hooks
  • Cut resistant gloves
  • Cutting boards
  • Premium pellets

The fine print:

Maxi-Therm will start calculating the 12 months once you’ve sold your first unit. For ex; if you sell a VFFF in November 2023, you have 11 more units to sell before November 2024. We currently do not have an end date for this contest, so SELL, SELL, SELL!

Chef Patrick's Brisket tips:

Don't be shy with the black pepper when creating your dry-rub! Also, don't let your morning coffee grinds go to waste, add them to the rub. It's best to smoke overnight, and come morning you can let it rest until mealtime!  

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