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Become a true expert with steam applications.

Learn how to reduce installation costs, maintenance costs, the footprint in mechanical rooms, and how to generate energy savings.

Expenses covered by Maxi-Therm: Air fare and taxi from airport to hotel, hotel & meals for customers, hotels & meals for reps.

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Seminars invitation to our steam courses

We are pleased to invite you to our Montreal office and R&D laboratory. You’ll attend an exclusive seminar on steam applications and more specifically on Maxi-Therm concepts for building heat, domestic water, process heating & steam-to-steam generation for humidification and sterilization. Also to be discussed, our latest packaged steam quality controlling system to maintain a 97% or greater steam quality level, as recommended by the publication “Sterilization Technology for the Health Care Facility, Second Edition (1997)” and sterilizer manufacturers. Specialized personnel are invited to discuss various steam-related topics, from steam generation to condensate return optimization. Plus we recently added a technical presentation of our Steam Motor Genset, replacing a steam pressure reducing station and generating electrical power.
  • Our World-Class facility
    Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Maxi-Therm is the proud owner of a leading-edge laboratory that is unique in the industry. Equipped with a 1,000,000 BTU/h capacity 100 psig steam boiler, this is where we test and demonstrate the performance and stability of temperature setpoint of our latest innovations.We also invite our customers to a 1.5-day technical seminar on steam applications, including our innovative products like the vertical flooded concept and the steam-to-steam generator for humidification or sterilization, and to learn about our steam motor that generates electrical power.