Domestic Hot Water & Process

Maxi-Therm offers a wide range of different steam water heater upon your design and application.  The most popular and affordable one is the VFFF model. Which stand for vertical flooding feed forward.  It’s a full instantaneous steam water heater. From 0 to the maximum range the steam water heater will keep +-4F.  Perfect system for CIP in food industry, emergency showers, laboratory process, any critical process control but also for domestic hot water for hospital, schools and buildings.


The material of construction of the instantaneous steam water heater varies.  It can be completely stainless steel or, typically, carbon steel shell for the steam side with Cu/Ni 90/10 tubes for the domestic hot water side. Depending of your local regulation we can offer tubes in double wall or single wall as well. 


The feed forward steam water heater can come with a self-contained mechanical blending valve, making the system easy to install since it does not require electric or pneumatic. Or we can offer and electronic control valve with control panel with BacNet or ModBus communication.


Again, depending on your application, the VFFF steam water heater can use steam between 5 psig and 40 psig.  Since, we do not modulate on the steam side and keep steam pressure inside the heat exchanger and depending on your condensate backpressure, typically our system do not require a dedicate condensate pump compare to most other steam water heater design.


To use higher steam pressure and be able to generate more energy savings and fight more condensate backpressure, you might consider our MCU model which will be consider as a semi-instantaneous steam water heater.  We would need a buffer tank or a 15% water recirculation at all time. 


Finally, for new building project that require a building heat and re-heat system, we would recommend our Side-Arm series which combine a water to water domestic water heater and a steam to hot water shell and tubes heat exchanger.  Very easy install, very low total footprint and very low maintenance costs over the next 20 years.


All our steam water heaters are offer in a vertical flooding design, allowing customers to generate 5% minimum energy savings over the other steam water heater design by extracting latent but also sensible heat out of each pound of steam.  For more information, click on the appropriate brochure below or simply contact one of our local representatives.


Product MCU (Modulating Condensate with a U-tube design heat exchanger).

Product VFFF (Vertical Flooded Feed Forward steam water heater)