Building Heat & Process





Using a vertical flooded steam heat exchanger design makes life easier for any steam user.  Since the control valve is install on the condensate side, we keep full steam pressure inside the steam heat exchanger at all time.  Avoiding the need of multiple typical components such as: no more condensate pump station, no more pressure reducing valve station and no more big steam control valves, reducing drastically the amount of footprint needed in a mechanical room.


Since our package are always build upon the steam safety valve set point on the steam boiler, the Maxi-Therm steam heat exchanger don’t need any dedicate section VIII steam safety relief valve, so no vent to the roof needed. Again, less maintenance, less install costs and less insurance costs.


All our skid packages are offer with complete control set-up with BACnet (IP and MSTP), LON or Modbus (MTU and TCP) communication protocols and also showing important values like valve opening rate and temperature in and out but also the actual BTU per hour and the actual flow in GPM.  The condensate control valve is the only moving part, therefor we use 300 psig rated valve and actuator and we offer a 5 years warranty on the complete control valve. Up to 10 MMBTU process, the control valve is only ½’’ size.


We offer a wide range of different steam heat exchanger set-up such as the Side-Arm series allowing you to combine a building heat, a domestic hot water and even a snow melt heat exchanger with one steam source for all 3 (or 2) and one condensate outlet for all 3 (or 2).  The Zerolag operates 2 redundant system without the lead-lag sequence and the Ultimate 5 package is a complete redundant mechanical room including the steam-condensate set up and the hydronic circulating pump set-up all on one skid with single point connection for controls and electric power including UPS and emergency switch OFF.


Depending of your process, the vertical shell and tubes heat exchanger can be fabricated in different material including Food Grade Stainless Steel.


Finally, one of the biggest assets of using Maxi-Therm flooded steam heat exchanger is the energy savings.  The design allows you to extract not only the latent heat out of each pound of steam but also a fair amount of the sensible heat.  Allowing the customer to generate between 5 to 20% energy savings.  All our proposal comes with a summary of potential energy savings according to your application. For more information click on the appropriate brochure below or simply contact your local representative.

MCU stands for Modulating Condensate with a U-tube design heat exchanger.

MCU-UP includes circulating pumps and accessories.