Our company
Maxi-Therm was founded in 2005 and is today a joint Canadian and American owned company with 21 exclusives distributors is the U.S.A.
All major components, including vertical heat exchangers, control valves, pumps and accessories, are manufactured in the United States.
We proudly manufacture high-efficiency steam-to-liquid vertical flooded units for building heat and domestic use, transferring both steam’s latent and sensible heat in a 0% flash return system in a closed loop innovative design, even at high pressure steam such as 175 psig and taking into account super-heated steam.

We integrate a steam motor to generate free electric power.
Our capacity
  • 4 patent design concepts
    Maxi-Therm is an innovative package solution manufacturer with four patent design concepts, as well as an international patent pending zero-lag feature.
  • Structural & seismic design features
    Maxi-Therm package solutions are engineered with structural and seismic design features. Our service capacity includes local certified tech and engineering in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Chicago.
  • Brainstorming team
    Our engineering group holds a brainstorming team consisting of specialized senior professionals to continuously update and modernize mechanically and electronically our concepts. This team includes Raymond Lach, Patrick Lach, Gabriel Cossette, Walter Kuzia, Jeff Bailey, Chris Little and Tony Ranallo.
  • 15,000 sq ft
    Maxi-Therm has four manufacturing and engineering facilities totalizing 15,000 sq ft to assist customers in purchasing the highest quality products and services. One of our facilities meets ISO 9001 quality management and quality assurance standards.
Our team
Our facilities
Logo Maxi-Therm
Our partners
Our success depends in large part on having 21 exclusive local partners representing our products in every US State. Our reps are dedicated people working on steam projects led by owners who’ve been in the business for generations, and their slogan has always been “Steam is our passion”.
Our achievements
Since 2005, we have installed over 450 steam to liquid packaged solution units and have integrated a BACnet IP control panel that we can service via Ethernet/Internet.

We have built up:
  • 2275 US gpm building heat units, using high pressure steam.
  • Domestic hot water heaters units from 10 usgpm to 200 usgpm with high and low-pressure steam.
  • Steam to steam for humidification up to 8000 lbs/hour.
  • Quality steam packages for sterilizers to guarantee 97% or better-quality steam.